hi! i love the doodles you put on you gfx so m…

hi! i love the doodles you put on you gfx so much!! do you have any tips on drawing them? everytime i draw on photoshop it always looks very messy 🙁

hello anon! unfortunately i don’t have any tips, i’m not very good when it comes to actually drawing in photoshop to begin with orz;; for my doodles i open the saved image into clip studio to draw over it 

Heyy! I follow you on Twitter (Darmini), and I…

Heyy! I follow you on Twitter (Darmini), and I just wanted to get your thoughts on the RV Day 2 mini album. I'm having a really hard time coming to terms with how amazing Day 1 was and how NOT amazing Day 2 is. I've only listened to it once; Umpah Umpah is definitely an earworm. Maybe I need to give it another chance and listen to it some more? I pride myself on being able to recognize good pop songs instantly, and these are just… I dunno. Thoughts?

since you follow me on twitter then you probably know i’m not this mini’s biggest fan like i’ve listened to it 5 times already and it’s just NOT clicking sajkkjds. i also LOVED day 1 but not a single song on this mini wowed me, like i enjoyed love is the way but it also isn’t a song i would play on repeat like i did for lp. overall i felt a little let down by this mini but i also know a lot of people did enjoy it so i guess it rlly just comes down to preference in this case. 

i’ve also come to terms with the fact that just bc i don’t enjoy a song(s) doesn’t mean it’s not good, y’know? so i’m not too upset about not liking the album and i do appreciate that rv are constantly trying out new genres and styles. it’s unfortunate that the day 2 songs aren’t songs i necessarily enjoy/like but u win some, u lose some i guess. hopefully, the finale will be more to our taste!

don't pressure yourself bb. it's har…

don't pressure yourself bb. it's harder to work on things when you feel like you need to. take your time and allow yourself to just enjoy the rv content. if you want to work on gfx then of course do so, but try not to worry abt feeling like you gotta provide content yourself ok?? take care of yourself!! eat well, hydrate, and get some rest 💕💕

that’s what upsets me!! i really wanted to make something for my pleasure but my feelings changed as i continued working on it 🙁 

and i am!! i’m enjoying seeing everybody’s works and the girls’ pretty teasers, i’m just a little frustrated i can’t make my own :\  i’m still going to try and mess with it and maybe i can get it done before the mv drops orz

thank you anon, very much!!🥺💕


replied to your post “☔”

have you tried auto tone/auto contrast/auto color? since the pictures have a filter those options help restore the pictures to make them easier to edit

i have tried it!! and it makes it a little easier but no matter what i do i still don’t like my colorings :\

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