zimzalabim!!!!!!!! the song is so great and th…

zimzalabim!!!!!!!! the song is so great and the beat is awesome! (wendy's high note strikes once again!) even the theme of the mv is so detailed and adventurous. but there's a little something missing and idk what it is? is it only me thinking this?? also oh boy could they have done way better with styling and outfits. like. soOoOoooo much better. what are their coordis doing? i know that this styling is "popular" nowadays (with little mix and other western artists, etc.)……… 🤷🤷

i felt that too the first time i listened to it, when it ended i was like “that’s it?” but once i listened to it again it sort of fell together like it Made Sense, you know? asjknjdfn idk but if anything, it’s definitely catchy and definitely a red velvet song!! and omg the styling, the stylist could’ve done so so much but we got this….no words. i’m hoping the stage outfits will be better! 

at the end of the day, i’m so proud of red velvet and everything they’ve done. the ep is absolutely amazing, they truly never disappoint!


JDFHJFHGLA GIRL HELP WE BEIN CLOWNED IDK HOW TO GET THE TEASERS it says "say zimzalabim!!!!1" but literally im so confused like you click the coin and turn the knob and then the screen just goes blurry what dO I DOOO

ok so apparently the screen is supposed to go blurry but then the machine is supposed to start shaking + drop a ball which contains a teaser image but it took FOREVER for it to actually happen on my phone like the page would just crash for me every time it blurred!! in conclusion, i have no idea what’s happening 😩

I don’t think the link that you posted f…

I don’t think the link that you posted for the reve festival is working, at least not for me /:

hm it works fine for me, i checked it on my phone too and it works fine on there too. here’s the actual link if u wanna try again: https://twitter.com/5REDVELVET/status/1135908630014746624?s=20 🙂

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