Irene: Are you feeling comfortable?

Yeri: …

Yeri: I literally just ate food on gold platters, showered in a room twice the size of my house and am laying in a bed that is softer then a babies butt. 

Yeri: What is there to not feel comfortable about?


Irene, leading Red Velvet through Walmart: Okay, mission number two, finding where the popcorn is.
Yeri: Wait, what was mission number one?
Wendy: Fucking getting here, Yeri.


Wendy: I don’t need to go to bed, I’m not tired. I’ll be fine.
Seulgi: But I’ll be so lonely without you. Come curl up in my arms so I can feel whole again.
Wendy: Oh. Well. Wait, are you trying to seduce me into healthy sleeping patterns?
Seulgi: Is it working?

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