Hello~ A group of friends and I have been goin…

Hello~ A group of friends and I have been going around to spread positivity among the Kpop fandom, because we believe we could all use a little kindness and love right now! I personally want to tell you that you make some of the most gorgeous gifs I've seen, and I really look up to you as an editor~ I hope you're always happy and healthy~ If you can, please tag a few blog and pass along a few words of appreciation (but it's okay if you don't want to). Thank you, and hope you have a happy day

hi! that’s very kind of you guys and i’m very very grateful for your message! thank you so much! i’ll pass this on to 

@bubbleflexe : megannn you always make me laugh haha and i tried cheese foam on boba because of you! my favorite youtube editor, i hope you’re doing well!! you also inspired me to make chinese food at home and i’m grateful to have you!!!

@leaderirene : i don’t know how many memes i saved from you but they’re amazing, your taste in music doesn’t always match with mine but i always love to hear your opinion on songs and the advice you’ve given me has really helped me grow so so much, i’ve learned a lot from you and look up to you :(<333

@theseulgis alex eeeeee sweet sugar french cinnamon bun roll with those amazing gifs and endless kind words to give, you’re the best and life better be treating you so so well, i hope you’re happy more than anything 🙁

@4-velvets my queen shatakshi,,, MY QUEEN I BOW can i say how many times your humor and relatability has saved me???? i know you’re super busy at university but i also know you’re kicking ass there and i can’t wait to see the many amazing things you’ll accomplish in the future <3

have you ever made a gifset of your favorite y…

have you ever made a gifset of your favorite yeri looks/eras? i'd like to see your opinions!!

i wish i could, but a lot of legendary looks don’t have yeri-focus fancams and i can’t find irene/seulgi ones that i can crop her out of 🙁 my favorite eras are definitely the 2017 eras, rookie, the red summer, and the perfect velvet. some of my favorite looks that are recent are 171202 mama red carpet, 180428, 190115 sma red carpet, 180208, 180110, 181210 and god knows she slayed 190511. 

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